Praises opens the door for blessings.

Psalms 67:5‭-‬6 NLT: May the nations praise you, O God. Yes, may all the nations praise you. Then the earth will yield its harvests, and God, our God, will richly bless us.

My dear friend in Christ, do you know that so much happens when men praise God? The Bible records today that when the nations praise God, the earth will yield its harvest. You might wonder what is the connection between the praises men offer to God and harvest. Everything God creates responds to His praises.

Notice also that God richly blesses the people that have got His praises on their lips. I do not know what you are going through right now but I want to show you an ancient secret to getting God’s blessing. I believe that you know that all that you need in life to succeed is God’s blessing.

What you actually need is not the job, or the money or the provisions. What you need is the blessing. Once you have it, every other thing will naturally respond to you. Even the earth will bring forth increase for you. More so, what the blessing attracts is infinite and cannot finish. Foolish people run after the money but wise people run after the blessing. Go after the blessing today by praising the Lord and you will surely get it. I call you blessed.

Declare to yourself loud: I will praise the Lord at all times.


  1. Almighty God, fill my heart with your praises, in Jesus’ name. Amen.
  2. Please add your personal intentions.

Psalms 67:1-7


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