The help of the Holy Spirit!

Acts 1:1‭-‬2 NCV: To Theophilus. The first book I wrote was about everything Jesus began to do and teach until the day he was taken up into heaven. Before this, with the help of the Holy Spirit, Jesus told the apostles he had chosen what they should do.

My dear friend in Christ, our God is so loving and kind that He did not leave us without a helper; someone (the Helper is a person, the Holy Spirit) and not something to help us in everything we say and do. The Helper is not restricted to certain areas of our lives but all areas of our lives. Only the Helper from the Lord God can do such task. There is no personal assistant or Help that you will get in this world that sustains the ability to minister to you in all areas of your life.

But look at Jesus who clearly understood the importance of the Helper God gave to us never did anything without Him. Even after His resurrection, He still depended on the Holy Spirit to give instructions to His disciples on what to do as recorded in today’s message. You might wonder, does He still need the help of the Holy Ghost after defeating Satan in Hell and triumphed victoriously over him? The answer is yes and will always depend on the Holy Spirit.

On our own, we have decided to ignore Him whom God out of love gave to us to help us in all we say and do. As a consequence we keep running into error and suffering unnecessarily. Some will foolishly run to others for counsel hoping to get help. Unknown to them, such people need counsel themselves. But the Help from God needs no counsel from any man. He is wisdom Himself. He knows us in and out. He alone can help you. Make up your mind to do all you can and even sell all you have and get hold of the free Help God has given you as a gift and your life will never remain the same. Ask questions if you don’t know how to get this help. Don’t die in your pride. It is never too late for Him to step in and change that situation. Shalom.

Declare to yourself loud: the Holy Ghost remains my helper.


  1. Almighty God, thank you for the gift of the Holy Ghost, help me never to trivialize it, in Jesus’ name. Amen.
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John 14:15-31

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