Luke 16:27‭-‬28 CEV:But the rich man said, “Abraham, then please send Lazarus to my father’s home. Let him warn my five brothers, so they won’t come to this horrible place.”

My dear friend in Christ, the message of the gospel is one that is often rejected by many thinking that it is a waste of time. Most people don’t really care. Others argue that there is no God. And that we are in charge of our destinies. Today, we see Jesus telling His desciples a story about Lazarus and the richman. The rich man thought His wealth will save Him. That’s the mistake alot of people make. They feel money can do anything for them.

Unfortunately for the man, his wealth could not help him when he ended up in hell. To make things worse, there was no way to repent. He pleaded for a warning to be passed to his brethren but it was not possible. My dear friend, try as much as you can to share the Good news to as many as you can. It will be too late to repent after death. Notice that the richman described the place as horrible. What shall it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, and lose his soul. Mark 8:36

Declare to yourself loud: I am saved by His grace.


  1. Lord Jesus, help men everywhere to repent and come to the knowledge of the truth.
  2. Precious Holy Spirit, grant utterance to your servants to preach Jesus to everyone. In Jesus Name. Amen.
  3. Please add your personal intentions.


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