Colossians 2:9 NCV: All of God lives fully in Christ (even when Christ was on earth),

My beloved friend, my heart gets completely blown away each time I read through this verse of the scripture. To know that we and God dwell in the same home, city, location namely: IN CHRIST.

How many world leaders or even village heads open their abode to the common man to live where they live or even share the same space with them? But God allowed us to come to him and share the same space and life with him. What manner of love is that? David saw this revelation in Psalm 23 many years before Christ appeared on the scene.

Once you confess Jesus as your lord and savior and believe in your heart what he did for you, you are automatically transferred into his dwelling place. Glory!

Declare to yourself loud: I am dwelling in the Lord’s house forever. Hallelujah.

My father my maker, I am grateful to you for your love and bringing me into your presence. Blessed be your holy name. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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