1 Samuel 7:3 NLT: Then Samuel said to all the people of Israel, “If you want to return to the Lord with all your hearts, get rid of your foreign gods and your images of Ashtoreth. Turn your hearts to the Lord and obey him alone; then he will rescue you from the Philistines.”

My dear friend in Christ, God almighty alone is God. He cannot share his glory with any other. You cannot have other gods and expect to do business with Him. If you have decided to follow Him, then you must willingly get rid of any other thing that seeks to take His place in your life. Permit me to inform you that any thing in your life (material things of this life, persons, ambitions etc) that has taken the place of God in your life is your god. Once you give it priority above God, then it has become your god.

You might argue that God is your number one priority and that nothing will take the place of God in your life. You might even profess it before men and even in church. But one litmus test to prove that God is really your number one priority is when these things come in the way of you sticking to God’s word or choosing your own ways based on how it will benefit you. Can you give up your job if it affects the way you worship God? Can you give up all of your money when God demands for it especially when asked to give it out to those who cannot repay you? When your life is at stake either by sickness or danger, are you willing to keep God’s word and die rather than engaging in things you know is against God’s law just to stay alive? These are questions you must answer for yourself in your heart.

God sees the heart. You are to return to Him in your heart and be ready to do all it takes to do what pleases Him. Then He will return to you and make your life a living wonder. Seek Him in all your ways from your heart. Let go of anything that has take His place in your heart. I call you blessed.

Declare to yourself loud: my heart belongs to God alone.

1. Oh Lord my God, help me to get rid of anything that seeks to take your place in my life, in Jesus’ name. Amen.
2. Please add your personal intentions.

1 Samuel 7:1-14

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