Mark 4:25 NLT: To those who listen to my teaching, more understanding will be given. But for those who are not listening, even what little understanding they have will be taken away from them.”

My dear friend in Christ, it is obvious from our text today that there is a realm where understanding abounds and that realm is in God. Many don’t know that unless they are given access to understanding, they will be studying God’s word in vain. Jesus proclaims today that the key to getting more understanding released to you is by listening more and more to His teachings. Don’t assume that you will get understanding by listening only once. The word of God is not literature by men. It is full of mysteries and unless an understanding is given to you, it is impossible to understand.

This calls for great love for God and his Word. Getting close to him and deliberately seeking out where God’s word is preached. Jesus warned that for those who refuse to listen, even the little they have will be taken away from them. Don’t be in that category. Recognize that your intellect is incapable of understanding God so that you can allow yourself to listen and be given understanding by God.

There are times when you feel that you have had enough and have even gotten all the understanding there is; but that judgment can only be made by the one who is giving you the understanding. If you are not the distributor of something, how can you know when it is being exhausted. Only God can decide if you have had enough. So unless that happens, continue to listen to God’s word with the desire to continually gain a deeper understanding of the word.

Declare to yourself loud: my mind is open to receive understanding.

1. Precious Holy Spirit, flood the eyes of my understanding with light, in Jesus’ name. Amen.
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