Romans 11:22 ICB: So you see that God is kind, but he can also be very strict. God punishes those who stop following him. But God is kind to you, if you continue following in his kindness. If you do not continue following him, you will be cut off from the tree.

My dear friend in Christ, as a child of God, you must realize that your father is a loving and kind God. You must also not lose touch of the fact that He is also very strict when it comes to disobedience to his words. His words are for our own benefits and for the glory of His name. He expects us to fully obey His Commands. He had already made His grace available to us to enable us obey Him.

Some believers still find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that our God is also very strict. As a result, they live as though its ok to act the way want and still return back to God for mercy and forgiveness. The Bible is warning us today that we must be very careful because when we do not continue following him, we will be cut off from the tree.

His kindness is shown only to those who continually follow his commands. Those who make mistakes, realize their mistakes and return to Him. He is ever ready to shower His love and mercy. There are those however who renounce their faith. God is strict with such by cutting them off. I encourage you to remain faithful to the end. Nothing should make you renounce your faith. You might not have another opportunity to repent. Shalom.

Declare to yourself loud: I will not take God’s kindness for granted.

1. Oh Lord my God, may I not take your love and kindness for granted, in Jesus’ name. Amen.
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Romans 11:22-24

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