Colossians 1:27 NCV: God decided to let his people know this rich and glorious secret which he has for all people. This secret is Christ himself, who is in you. He is our only hope for glory.

My dear friend in Christ, we are blessed to be going through this scripture today. Getting to know the rich and glorious secret God kept hidden for ages. Many desired to know this secret of what God was planning for those who are to inherit His kingdom (His children) . It might interest you to know that this secret was hidden from the prophets and even the angels. Peter wrote about it in his epistle saying “It was concerning this salvation that the prophets made careful search and investigation, and they prophesied about this gift which God would give you.”
1 Peter 1:10 GNB

Today this secret has been revealed which is: Christ now living in you. Hallelujah. What more could you ask for from God. He has given you all that you need in this life. With Him, you can be anything and overcome anything. You are now great because the greater one lives on the inside of you. Make no mistake that you are a nobody. Now that you have Christ in you, you are more than a conqueror. Get to know this Jesus and how to walk with him and your life will be an effulgence of wonder.

Declare to yourself loud: Christ is in me. Hallelujah.


  1. Heavenly Father, thank you for the precious gift of Christ in me.
  2. Precious Holy Spirit, cause me to grasp the full meaning of what I have on the inside, in Jesus’ name. Amen.
  3. Please add your personal intentions.

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