Hebrews 5:9 NCV: And because his obedience was perfect, he was able to give eternal salvation to all who obey him.

My dear friend in Christ, in our dealings with God, the place of obedience cannot be overemphasized. The Bible records today that Jesus Christ had to ensure that His obedience was completed (perfect). This was the only way He could become the source of eternal salvation to all who will obey Him. When the law was given, man was expressly instructed to obey all that was commanded. But man failed and could not obey all, hence our obedience was not perfect.

Jesus came and fulfilled all the requirements of the law and called on everyone to believe in Him and do what He says thereby gaining God’s favor. Whatever you do in this life, never ignore obedience to Christ our savior. Look at what the Bible says in Proverbs 1:7‭, ‬33 NCV: Knowledge begins with respect for the Lord, but fools hate wisdom and discipline. But those who listen to me will live in safety and be at peace, without fear of injury.”

My dear friend, your peace, safety, and knowledge is dependent upon your ability to listen and do what our Lord Jesus Christ wants you to do. Don’t be foolish and take the side of disobedience. It will only lead to your ruin.

Declare to yourself loud: I will follow the instructions of my Lord.

1. Heavenly Father, keep me in the path of obedience.
2. Precious Holy Spirit, remove every indiscipline and disobedient spirit from me, in Jesus’ name. Amen.
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