Matthew 10:32 ICB: “If anyone stands before other people and says he believes in me, then I will say that he belongs to me. I will say this before my Father in heaven.

My dear friend in Christ, today’s message is what our society needs to pay close attention to as a matter of urgency. Believers seem not to understand how to set their priorities right as it pertains to the things of the kingdom of God. We must understand that we are here in this world temporarily and as such as must leave someday. In God’s kingdom, soul-winning (telling people about Christ) is the number one priority for every believer because that is the reason Jesus came and died. You are not in this world because of your profession rather your professional should be a means of reaching out to others with the message of Christ. When you leave this world pursuing your profession and ignoring the primary reason you are here, it will be a futile life.

The witness about Christ is not meant for a few persons or priests or pastors. It is meant for everyone. Looking at what Jesus said in our text today, you can see clearly that he did not say if pastors or priests or evangelists stand before men. Rather it says if you (a believer) stands before men and tells them about Him, He will certainly stand before God in heaven and acknowledge you as His own.

Why not seize this opportunity while you are still alive and secure your future in heaven. Make up your mind to reach out to people, telling them about Christ because as you do, Christ is proud of you and will acknowledge you before God in heaven that you belong to him. Let me remind you also that when the challenges of life threaten your peace, He will also step in and defend you as His own because you are doing what He wants you to do. I call you blessed.

Declare to yourself loud: I will do the work of my father in heaven.

1. Oh Lord my God, give me the courage to stand before men and tell them about you irrespective of my profession, in Jesus’ name. Amen.
2. Please add your personal intentions.

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