Psalm 23:1 AMPC: THE Lord is my Shepherd [to feed, guide, and shield me], I shall not lack.

Who is your Shepherd? This is the question we must ask ourselves every day of our lives. It’s not a one-off question but a daily question. This is because some people might decide to let go of Him and follow others instead when they feel things are not going according to their selfish desires.

The primary role of a Shepherd is stated in the text today that is: to feed, guide and shield the flock. Jesus is our Lord and master. He is our Shepherd. He is forever faithful to his responsibility of feeding, guiding and shielding his flocks from dangers. That is why He had to lay down his life for His flocks.

Decide today never to let go of Him as your Shepherd. And if you have made that choice, everyday of your life should revolve around Him. What He wants you to do, where He wants you to be and also remaining under His coverage of protection and not to seek your own protection and ways. If you are His flocks, then you must be ready to listen to His voice.

Sometimes we may not understand why we may have to take certain paths in life according to His instructions but in the end, we’ll rejoice and thank Him for leading us through those paths. Make a choice to today to remain as His flock never to leave His side. Amen.

Declare to yourself loud: Oh Lord, you are my Shepherd. I lack nothing.

My Father and my God, lead me always in the path of righteousness. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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