Romans 11:22 CEV: Now you see both how kind and how hard God can be. He was hard on those who fell, but he was kind to you. And he will keep on being kind to you, if you keep on trusting in his kindness. Otherwise, you will be cut away too.

Child of the God, hear this today that God’s love, mercy and kindness does not cancel His justice. Make no mistake about it. Some people assume that because God is a merciful God, they can do whatever they want and still come back to Him. If you take this path, you will only end up hurting yourself and not God. His justice must prevail. He has already made provisions for all this even before the foundation of the world.

Today we see the Bible saying that God is kind but can also be very strict. Do not think that you can make Him change His mind. We are to follow His commands not Him following our own commands. His love, kindness and mercy will forever be on those who keep trusting in Him but for those who have lost their trust in God, the Bible says they will be cut away. Jesus Himself said abide in Me and I will abide you and my father will love you. John 15:4.

I encourage you my dear friend to mind your actions and trust in God. Never lose your trust in Him. Keep away from anything and anyone who seeks to destroy your relationship with your God. Hold firmly to the faith, so that in the end, you will not be cut away. I call you blessed.

Declare to yourself loud: I will never give up my trust in you.

Lord Jesus, thank you for your love, mercy and kindness towards me and my family. May your name alone be praised forever. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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