Jeremiah 18:6 GNB: “Haven’t I the right to do with you people of Israel what the potter did with the clay? You are in my hands just like clay in the potter’s hands.

The Lord is reminding you today that He owns you. He wants to mold you in a manner that is pleasing to Him in order to achieve His purpose in your life. Every potter molds the clay into what his purpose is for that clay. The clay cannot say to the Potter why do you have to mold me this way. Hence we are to submit our lives to what God wants to use us to achieve in this world before returning back to him.

Do not be a rebel. One who wants it his ways not minding what God wants. Notice that if you allow Him to mold you, you will come out perfect and the world will admire you because your creator is a master. He does not produce anything less than a master piece. Stop thinking you are the architect of your success. It is God. He said “.. His plans for you are good and not evil” . Jeremiah 29:11.

I pray for you today, may you submit your will to the father in order for him to mold you into what he desires for you to be. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Declare to yourself loud: I am only a clay in the hands of my creator.


  1. My Father, mold me into what you desire for me.
  2. Make your purpose in my life be seen and celebrated by all.
  3. Please add your personal intentions.


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