Hosea 6:6 NKJV: For I desire mercy and not sacrifice, And the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.

My dear friend in Christ, our world seems to have erased the word mercy from the list of words existing in our time today. Hardly will you find people showing mercy to their fellow men especially without any expectation from those they are showing mercy. If they do show mercy, they will be expecting an immediate reward in return. God is reminding us today that what He desires most is for us to show mercy.

Also, people like to parade the sacrifices they have offered to God for men to praise their efforts but God says no. All He wants is to know Him more. Very few people actually know God. They only thought they know Him. Ask yourself: who is God? Do I know His son? Why did He come to earth as man? What did He achieve? What have I gained from His coming? What are His promises for me? Am I saved? Do I have eternal life? What is the link between the old and new testament? And so on. Get to know this God that you serve.

From today, stay away from anything that seeks to stop you from knowing God more. Show mercy to people every day of your life and never get tired because we will all perish the day God decides to be tired of showing us mercy. Know also that any act that has no love in it is wickedness no matter how small. People that have no mercy do not know God. I call you blessed.

Declare to yourself loud: I will never be tired of showing mercy.

Heavenly father, thank you for your love and mercy upon my life and family. Blessed be your holy name. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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