1 Samuel 1:15 NLT: “Oh no, sir!” she replied. “I haven’t been drinking wine or anything stronger. But I am very discouraged, and I was pouring out my heart to the Lord.

Dear friend in Christ, the above message is about Hannah. The priest Eli thought she was drunk and accused her of being drunk but she replied and said she was only discouraged and decided to pour out her heart to the Lord.

I want you to know that it’s ok to feel discouraged sometimes but what we do in times like that is what matters. As we grow in faith, we are learning to follow God and understand His ways; as a result, we get discouraged when we observe that things are not going the way we want. When we experience things like discouragement, we must also turn to our God for solace and direction.

Most times, we complain to our close friends and family thinking help will come from them, but unfortunately, they are also experiencing their own problems and cannot really help us completely. They may provide temporal solution but it’s not good enough.

Turn to the Lord your God anytime you feel discouraged. Pour out your heart to Him. Tell Him exactly how you feel. There is no format, formula or procedure to approach Him. He is your father and will certainly guide your heart and give you peace. Shalom.

Declare to yourself loud: I will bless the Lord at all times and seek His face in times of discouragement.

My Father and my God, never allow me to fall by the wayside due to discouragement. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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