James 5:13‭-‬15 GNB: Are any of you in trouble? You should pray. Are any of you happy? You should sing praises. Are any of you ill? You should send for the church elders, who will pray for them and rub olive oil on them in the name of the Lord. This prayer made in faith will heal the sick; the Lord will restore them to health, and the sins they have committed will be forgiven.

As a believer, you must not underestimate the place of prayer in your life. It is the means by which we communicate with our maker. It’s a means by which we change the circumstances around us.

When God created the world in Genesis, he gave man dominion over everything that was created. That dominion cannot be brought about without prayer.

Notice that the bible says, is there anyone sick, take them to the elders of the church. This implies that we are not meant to be sick. It’s not God’s idea or plan for us. Many think it’s normal to be sick. And some even okay it. But guess what, God wants you well all the time.

Secondly, it says to take them to the elders of the church. Why elders? Because they know something that others don’t know. Also if the elders were also sick, why would they be asked to pray for the sick? It means the elders were not sick. Deep knowledge of Christ makes you an elder, not age.

Lastly, it says that the prayer of faith will heal the sick. Prayer can change your health situation, your marriage situation, your business situations and so on.

Learn to stay with God in prayer. I decree over your life, every prayer of yours is answered in Jesus Name. Amen

Declare to yourself loud: All my prayers are answered in Jesus Name. Hallelujah.

Heavenly Father, I pray that every spirit of infirmity lurking around my life or my family is hereby terminated in Jesus Name. I am healed from the crown of my head to the soul of my feet in Jesus Name. Amen.

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