Luke 17:1 AMP: Jesus said to His disciples, “Stumbling blocks [temptations and traps set to lure one to sin] are sure to come, but woe (judgment is coming) to him through whom they come!

The rise of technological advancement, socialization, and knowledge has made many people trivialize the danger of being used by the devil to cause others to fall. They label evil with fancy names that fit into the latest world’s idea. Today, Jesus Himself is warning that great judgment awaits those who lead others to fall through their actions.

Notice that He did not say that temptation will come to only unbelievers. Rather He said it will surely come. Meaning that it will come to everyone but woe to him through whom it will come. My dear friend in Christ, be careful and vigilant. Resist every attempt by the devil to use you to cause others to fall. Be mindful of what you share on social media because you won’t be there to explain your thoughts to the recipients of your messages. If it is what will cause others to stumble and be lost, do not share it.

Pray at all times because that’s the only formula Jesus gave to man to resist temptation and being used to tempt others. Pray for others as well that their faith will not fail. Praise God.

Declare to yourself loud: I refuse to be used as a tool by the devil.

1. Oh Lord my God, lead me away from temptation.
2. Precious Holy Spirit, destroy every attempt by the devil to manipulate my life to do his bidding. In Jesus Name. Amen.
3. Please add your personal intentions.


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