John 3:6 NLT: Humans can reproduce only human life, but the Holy Spirit gives birth to spiritual life.

My dear friend in Christ, when you ask people if they are born again, many are not sure of what to say or even assume that they are. But you see, the Bible is very clear, Humans can only reproduce human life. Meaning that everyone you see in our world today got their lives from a human source. But there is another type of life: it is called the spiritual life. And only the Holy Spirit can give birth to such a life. It is called the life of God (Zoe). Also known as eternal life.

Being religious will never give birth to this type of life. Being a philanthropist cannot give you this type of life. Being nice to everyone cannot reproduce this type of life. Only the Holy Spirit can give you this type of life. And without this life, you cannot enter God’s presence. That’s why Jesus kept telling everyone to be born again. But because people don’t seem to understand it, they simply ignore it. That you ignore it, will not make it go away or make it false. It does not matter if you understand it or not. When you die, you will be faced with the truth but then it will be late.

If you want this spiritual birth and be saved, this is what the Bible says: “If you confess that Jesus is Lord and believe that God raised him from death, you will be saved.”
Romans 10:9. This is in line with what Jesus said in John 3:15 ” so that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life.”
Some people feel like it’s too easy. They want something spectacular. But God wants it simple. Believe what He says, and you will be saved. The question is: what do you believe? It might interest you to know that even our father Abraham was saved and declared righteous because he believed God. Romans 4:3. I encourage you to confess Jesus as the lord of your life and ask him to come into your heart and you will be saved. Shalom.

Declare to yourself loud: I have eternal life from God. I am saved.

1. Oh Lord my God, beautify my life with your glory.
2. Precious Holy Spirit, help me to walk in the reality of this new life, in Jesus’ name. Amen.
3. Please add your personal intentions.

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