Hebrews 4:1‭, ‬10 GNB: Now, God has offered us the promise that we may receive that rest he spoke about. Let us take care, then, that none of you will be found to have failed to receive that promised rest. For those who receive that rest which God promised will rest from their own work, just as God rested from his.

It is obvious that God wants us to be totally dependent on him and what he has done for us. He calls us to enter his rest which he had provided for all who believe. He wants us to cease from our own works and efforts to please him and make it through life. Jesus came on the scene and declares: come to me all you who labor and are overburden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28.

Jesus is that rest that God was talking about. He invites us to come to him. And find rest from our burdens. Many are going around with several burdens in this life. Spiritual burden, emotional, financial, health issues, relationship, etc. Some continue until they depart this world without giving it up for Christ.

Today my dear friend, give up all that burdens your heart. Come to Jesus and let him take it over for you. Don’t doubt, simply believe in him and leave the rest to him. I guarantee you will find rest for your soul. And then you can go through life without the burden and achieve greater purpose for which you are created.

Declare to yourself loud: I surrender all to you, Lord Jesus. Hallelujah.

Heavenly Father, thank you for giving us rest in Christ Jesus our Lord. I give you all that is a burden to me, that I may enjoy the liberty you have for me. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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