Philippians 3:20 NLT: But we are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives. And we are eagerly waiting for him to return as our Savior.

Many people live and struggle in this life as though they will live here forever. Some fight and kill others only for them to only live for a short while on earth as well. It makes no sense to kill another only for you to also die after a short while. All these are orchestrated by the enemy the devil. The material things of life we struggle for will never accompany us back to our home in heaven. We are not citizens of this world. We are citizens of heaven where the Lord Jesus Christ lives.

If we can allow this obvious truth to settle in our hearts, we will start working consciously for the kingdom in which we belong. As sojourners here in this world, let us avoid anything that will distract us from where we are heading. The Bible says that our Lord and Master are currently living in Heaven; our home. Heaven is real my dear friend. Don’t be deceived. Ignore those who tell you otherwise. If it were not so, the Bible would have told us.

Stop living in this world as though here is your home. Learn about your new home. Study about how it’s citizens behave and do things. This knowledge can only be found in the word of God. Be proud of your new home and then tell others about it. And when this journey of life is over, Jesus will welcome you where He is. I call you blessed.

Declare to yourself loud: I am a citizen of heaven. We don’t die. We check out.

Lord Jesus, guide me through this life and I will rest with you forever in the next life. Amen.

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