PHILIPPIANS 4:6 AMP: Do not be anxious or worried about anything, but in everything [every circumstance and situation] by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, continue to make your [specific] requests known to God.

Dear brother in Christ, why are you anxious? I know as humans, we don’t have immunity to worry or stop it from coming across our hearts but we have the ability to do something about it. And that is to get rid of it as soon as it comes into our thinking space. Worry has never solved a problem and never will. It only robs you of your joy and even has an adverse effect on your health and that of those around you.

So the next time you worry, remember that you are not the only one who will suffer the consequences of that act. So, at least for the sake of your loved ones, do what the word of God is recommending today. Instead of being anxious, let your definite request or petition be brought before God in prayer. Notice that it says definite request. No need to be generic. Say exactly what you need so that when the answer or result comes in, you will easily recognize it and give praise to your father for the answered prayers.

And if you know that he has answered one of your requests, you can rest assured that he will answer the others. Hence the need to trust in him after placing your requests before him and have your peace.

Declare to yourself loud: From today, I refuse to allow worry to take over my life.

Lord Jesus, thank you for giving me the opportunity to air my burden and worry to you knowing that you are always there for me. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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