1 Thessalonians 5:23 GNB: May the God who gives us peace make you holy in every way and keep your whole being — spirit, soul, and body — free from every fault at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The knowledge of who you really are is fundamental to the study of the word of God. It might interest you to know that you are a spirit who has a soul and lives in a body. That is why Paul prayed that you be sanctified in your whole being: spirit, soul and body.

Notice the order of arrangement; spirit first, soul and body. It also reflects the order of importance. The most important is your spirit which is you. Your soul is the seat of your mind, will, and emotions. Then finally your body which Paul refers as a tenth. 2 Cor. 5:1. It means our body is a temporal dwelling place.

So for you to be sound, whole, you are to grow not only in your body but also in your mind and your spirit. That’s why the scriptures say that you are to renew your mind. Romans 12:2.

Most often we spend a lot of time building up our bodies and doing little or nothing about our mind and our spirit. So I encourage you to spend quality time building up your mind and your spirit as well. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.

Declare to yourself loud: I am free from every fault as I wait for the coming of Jesus our master and lord. Hallelujah.

Loving Father; thank you for making me holy in thy presence. Help me to build up my spirit and soul as well even as I build up my body. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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