ROMANS 5:10 AMP: For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, it is much more certain, having been reconciled, that we will be saved [from the consequences of sin] by His life [that is, we will be saved because Christ lives today].

Are you aware that you have been reconciled to God through the death of his son? Not that you will be, but you have been, meaning it’s past tense. He has done it. God is no longer holding your faults and sins and its consequences and penalties against you. You have been saved through his actions. And has now given you his very life.

Many believers who are not aware of this great truth, continually beg God to forgive them and hope that they will be saved on the day of judgment. This is a lie from the devil who wants to keep the truth about the good news of what Jesus did from them. For once you come to this knowledge, you will not only be grateful to God but freely come to him and let him lead you through life.

I encourage you to be strong in your faith in him that he has actually saved you, now that you have his very life in you. Increase your search for the truth about other things he has done for you in his Word. And don’t pay attention to what people or the society says about you. You are blessed.

Declare to yourself loud: I have been reconciled to God. Hallelujah.

Lord Jesus, thank you for reconciling me to the father inspite of my sins and shortcomings. Blessed be your holy name. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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