Colossians 3:13 GNT
: Be tolerant with one another and forgive one another whenever any of you has a complaint against someone else. You must forgive one another just as the Lord has forgiven you.

My dear friend in Christ, today’s message admonishes us as believers to Cultivate the habit of forgiveness and being tolerant. Whenever you are hurt, find a place in your heart to forgive and let go. Do that for the sake of Christ and what he did for you and I on the cross.

Do not join those who go about with notes of all the wrongs people have done to them. Jesus forgave us and paid the prize for our salvation. We must therefore do the same. Unforgiving spirit hinders alot of things, deprive you of joy and makes you carry the burden alone.

Learn how to forgive willingly and from your heart. We are mandated to forgive as God forgave us.
My God will gladly bless you richly. .

Declare to yourself loud: I love my neighbors.
Oh Lord my God, help me to forgive as you did on the cross in Jesus’name. Amen.

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