Jeremiah 33:10-11 NCV: “You are saying, ‘Our country is an empty desert, without people or animals.’ But this is what the Lord says: It is now quiet in the streets of Jerusalem and in the towns of Judah, without people or animals, but it will be noisy there soon! There will be sounds of joy and gladness and the happy sounds of brides and bridegrooms. There will be the sounds of people bringing to the Temple of the Lord their offerings of thanks to the Lord. They will say, ‘Praise the Lord All-Powerful, because the Lord is good! His love continues forever!’ They will say this because I will again do good things for Judah, as I did in the beginning,” says the Lord.

My dear friend in Christ, the challenges of this life might have made you think that nothing is working again. Nothing seems to be good again. One sorrowful event after another. But God is letting you know today that He is rolling away that reproach from your life. He is doing something great and marvelous for you and your family.

There will be joy and gladness again in your life and family. People will join you in thanksgiving for what the Lord has done for you. So don’t give up. God has not abandoned you. His promise is that he will never leave you nor forsake you. Pay no attention to what you are seeing now or what people are saying. Believe what the Lord God is saying and you will give thanks for his wonders beginning from now that you are reading this message. In Jesus Name.

Declare to yourself loud: The Lord is rolling away my shame. Hallelujah.

All-powerful God, I depend on you with my life. Keep me always in strength as I wait on you, my God. Amen.

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