James 1:18 AMP: It was of His own will that He gave us birth [as His children] by the word of truth, so that we would be a kind of first fruits of His creatures [a prime example of what He created to be set apart to Himself—sanctified, made holy for His divine purposes].

Do you really know who you are? Do you know who your father is or who gave birth to you? Many assume it’s their biological father. But permit me to remind you again that you are a spirit. You are only living inside your body until the day you are meant to leave your body and transit to another life which is called eternity. It’s a grave error to assume that everything ends here on earth. As a spirit, only a spirit could have given birth to you. And that is God Himself who is a Spirit.

Look at what the Bible says today, we were born by the word of truth so that we would be a type of first fruit (meaning the best and most important) of all his creatures. My dear friend, you are not a mistake or an ordinary person. Let that sink into your heart and register it and never forget it.

The scripture said that you were set apart to Himself—sanctified, made holy for His divine purposes. Many have no idea of what I am sharing with you today. Find out the purpose of God in your life and start now to fulfill it before you leave this world. Because when you go back to your maker, He will surely ask you if you did what He created you to do. It might also interest you to know that you have been equipped to carryout His assignments in your life. You have been sanctified and made Holy. You are now special to God. Do not live your life carelessly again. Be proud of who you are and give glory to God as you fulfill God’s mandate in your life here on earth. Shalom.

Declare to yourself loud: I am not a mistake but God’s special child.

Heavenly father, help me to discover your purpose for me in this life and fill me with your love to carryout the work assigned to me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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